Over the past two months, I have received the recordings for the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! shows aired in 1998 and 1999 from the Special Collections at the University of Maryland. There was one recording they had listed for Wait Wait for May 23, 1998, but the program had been preempted by an airing of "Rock & Roll America."

The folks at the Special Collections could not track down any other records for the Wait Wait show that aired on that date.

Looking through the shows that I had been able to download in past years, with shows starting from mid-January 2000, I found that I have another gap: the show that aired on January 8, 2000. I had requested the folks at the Special Collections to see if they had any information for that show in their archives, but I am still awaiting a response.

With that said, I am asking anyone if they have a recording of either the Wait Don't Tell Me show that aired on May 23, 1998, or the show that aired on January 8, 2000. I would also like to know if any contacts at NPR member stations aired those shows and if they have any recordings available.

I would love to be able to collect information and data for both of those shows and close up those two gaps. I am so close to being able to enter information for all Wait Wait shows from the first show aired in January 1998 through today.