While I continue to listen to the Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me! shows that aired in 1998, I ran across an episode where panelists would start the, then relatively now, Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank segment with half-points. Since I didn't account for that when I went through updating the wwdtm library and all of the Wait Wait Stats-related sites, I had to go back and make additional changes.

First, I had to add two new Wait Wait Stats Database columns in the ww_showpnlmap table: panelistlrndstart_decimal and panelistlrndcorrect_decimal. The two columns are defined as decimal(10, 2) and would mirror the corresponding panelistlrndstart and panelistlrndcorrect columns. Adding the new columns rather than redefining the original columns allows for backward compatibility.

After adding the new column and creating a script to copy over values, I updated the wwdtm library, Wait Wait Stats API, Wait Wait Stats Page, and the Wait Wait Reports site to utilize the new values.

If you would like to view the release notes for the new versions of the Stats library and applications, check out the following links: