I have updated the wwdtm library to version 2.0.9, which includes bumping the version of MySQL Connector/Python to 8.0.33 and NumPy to 1.24.2. The former is done as a very initial step towards support for the upcoming Python 3.12 release later in the year.

For library development, I have also bumped the required version of flake8 to 6.0.0 and Black to 23.3.0.

On the documentation side, which is hosted at Read the Docs at docs.wwdt.me, the version of Sphinx has been bumped from 5.3.0 to 6.1.3 and the configured build environment used for the build is now set to use Ubuntu 22.04 and Python 3.10.

The full changelog is available in the CHANGES.rst in the repository.

Up next will be to update the Wait Wait Stats Page and Wait Wait Stats API applications up use the new version of the library.