• Wait Wait Stats Infrastructure Updates

    Up through today, the infrastructure that hosts the Wait Wait Stats Page and its related sites is made up of 6 servers running on DigitalOcean (referral link):

    • 1x Front-end NGINX server that acts as a load balancer and a caching reverse proxy
    • 3x Web application servers, each running an instance of the Stats Page, Stats API, Graphs and Reports Flask- or FastAPI-based applications, served through NGINX
    • 1x MySQL database server that hosts the Wait Wait Stats database
  • Announcing minima-plex Theme for Jekyll

    As part of setting up a personal blog, I spent a fair amount of time trying out applications (including WriteFreely) and several static-site generators (including Jekyll and Hugo).

    I settled on using Jekyll as I didn’t want to use yet-another-application on one of my servers, I liked the idea of simply writing posts in Markdown, using Git for versioning, and it can be hosted through GitHub Pages or other similar services.

  • Wait Wait Stats Project Updates

    New versions of the Wait Wait Stats Page and the Wait Wait Graphs site have been published, mostly to update the version of the Materialize used by the sites (from 1.1.0 to 1.2.1) and to update the copyright year and blocks in each of the code files.

  • Hello World!

    Hello everyone! 👋🏼

    It has been many years since I have maintained a personal blog and I have decided to start one back up.

    You can find out more about me on the About page.